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At Wedding Scents, we are focused on providing a quality service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With over a hundred variety of our essences to choose from, combined with our skilful blending, we're sure you'll be happy working with us to create your own scents and perfumed products!

'I love the way fragrance evokes emotions & sensuality; and is so strongly linked to memory that a slight whiff can send you reeling back to your past, whether you like to or not and the way it affects our perception of other s'

Emma Brown


Wedding Scents

The Wedding Scents Team


Dip Cosmetic Science


A professional Research Scientist and self-confessed perfume addict, my love affair with perfume began when aged 2 and a half and armed (or should I say legged?) in my mum's high heels I gingerly made my way to her lavishly adorned dressing table displaying a plethora of perfumed products in all their glory. It was the mid 60's and everything including perfume bottles were oversized. I merrily doused myself in all kinds of glorious scents and remained there in awe until I was discovered and told off in a fiendishly friendly kind of way!

I successfully repeated this stunt a few more times and it has always been a joke in my family that my parents often tease me about up to the present day. They thought I did it to be naughty but my reason for doing it was because it smelt nice!

My teenage years and early twenties were reminiscent of perfume heaven as I worked as a temp for agencies requiring bank staff for perfume counters across London which often sent me to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams and the like to work with Iconic fragrance houses including Van Cleef, Jean Patou, YSL and my favorite all time Channel (no. 5 is as classic as they come and historically significant as the first synthetic fragrance ever sold)! No prices for guessing what I spent the bulk of my wages on then! I remember vividly plastering my university room with adverts about perfumes whilst my friends had their favourite boy bands or the hottest hunks on their walls.

Some twenty something years later, my perfume romance has been rekindled. My first love beckons me with an irresistible charm and I succumb.

So recently, in addition to achieving a diploma in Cosmetic Science which included modules and examinations in perfumery, I attended a number of perfumery making courses workshops and perfume exhibitions; my latest excursion was to Esxence in Milan in March this year to enjoy the latest artisan fragrances, observe the trends and listen to the excellent presentations given by the experts in the business; followed by Q&A sessions. 

A few birth pains later and after countless sleepless nights (of doing research...don't let you mind wander), my company WEDDING SCENTS was born. I love (ok...I guess I'm bordering on obsessive) the way fragrance evokes emotions and sensuality and is so strongly linked to memory that a slight whiff can send you reeling back to your past, whether you like to or not and the way it affects our perception of others. I am fascinated by the history of perfume, the biblical references and the science (as well as the art) of experimenting with molecules which smell amazing enough in isolation but when mixed with others take on a new life altogether!. I am thrilled to be able to share fragrance stories with couples who are about to make a loving commitment to each other in compiling a wedding perfume they will cherish forever.



Winnie is a qualified chef and a member of the Institute of hospitality management; with a natural creative flair. She has worked in various establishments including schools and industry and is passionate about designing and creating artisan cakes including wedding favors; and also loves preparing wholesome meals with an exotic twist.



Nikita is a recent graduate who is passionate about business start-ups and strategy planning and analysis. Nikita also holds a certificate in Lean Sigma greenbelt and is training for APM Project Management qualification.