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We formulated the following perfumes based on the couples lifestyles, where they met and the things they enjoy doing together.

What will your perfume story be?


S & R met at a summer bbq in a flower garden at a business network event. They both enjoy the outdoor life, naming camping, hiking and cycling as favourites and also love spending time with their respective in laws especially Sunday roast at R's parents house followed by cupcakes and green tea.


HERS opens with neroli and jasmine, rose and violet leaf yielding a floral burst whilst the juniper berry and rosewood provide HIS with the masculine feel at the base of the fragrance with a hint of green tea. Floral and romantic.


A & J met on a cold winter morning just before Christmas when J's car failed to start and A was passing by on a motorbike in his leathers and faint cigarette smell and stopped to help. J said A brought a warmth to her that morning that left her glowing with love at first sight. She was convinced A was an angel sent from heaven. A remembers J's lovely blue eyes were the first thing he noticed about her followed by her smile which made him think of summer skies and imagine strolling on the beach (with her)!


A warm summer sea breeze illuminates HERS with fresh green notes of galbanum, vertiver and amber; HIS is a cool breeze invigorated with tobacco leaf, leather and salty sea dog overlaying wintry woods of a frankincense and patchouli base. Both are heavenly.


F's mum had warned her to stay away from boys until she was at least 21 in order to focus on obtaining her law degree. Until aged 19 she met her first love W, who was in his final year at law school, and contrary to mum's beliefs, proved to be the catalyst for F's achievement of high marks in all her exams. They spent a lot of time together at the library pouring over musty old books and exchanging chewed pencil tops. To brighten up the day, W would always bring F a single flower or a citrus fruit she could easily peel. F would press the flowers and citrus peels between her book pages so she could cherish them forever. The couple love dining out, especially at Turkish restaurants.


A refreshing and sophisticated citrus cocktail with sparkle, overlaying a sensual cedarwood and gourmand trail. Brightened by the sumptuous essences of tuberose with light vanilla notes which add depth and sensuality to the tangy fruitiness. Seductive and addictive!


T & C were childhood sweethearts tearfully separated when C's parents moved abroad for work. Their paths crossed again as teenagers at a mutual friend's gathering when C returned for a holiday but the spark was not re-ignited until they met again in their mid-twenties at the same mutual friend's wedding, at which C caught the bridal bouquet. By then, T was a qualified doctor and C was compiling her PhD thesis in Neurophysiology and so they found some common ground and the rest as they say is history. T is football mad and C loves church and cooking spicy food.


Leans more towards spicy, with a good balance of florals and animalic woods. HERS is an initial sparkly pink pepper, cinnamon and white florals with animalic woods to the heart and base notes in HIS from patchouli & ambergris (animalic scent like sweaty footballers that is still very alluring). Warming & Inspiring! 


W & S were both mature & had been through previous

marriages when they met. Both have adult kids that have flown the nest.

With a lot of disposable income they enjoy exotic holidays in Dubai, Maldives and South Africa and are also keen theatre goers. W loves the sound of S's laughter and S loves his slightly wicked sense of humuor. Both love chocolate so it's no surprise they had a huge chocolate fountain at their wedding reception!


Sweet naughtiness of chocolate & extravagance of saffron and oud in the base notes mingles with fruitiness of mango, guava and coconut in the tropical heart notes with a hint of musky undertones. Both HIS & HERS have staying power; so this fragrance is still sticking around after four hours and the base note lingers even longer. ..... .” Irresistable temptation for both... need we say more?