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'As with love, when it comes to fragrance,

finding THE ONE

is a search worth lingering over.'

Jo Fairley

Daily Mail Magazine

March 2014

Terms & Conditions for Customised Perfume Orders

1) Please note it may take up to 14 days after we receive your questionnaire before we send you your perfume samples; depending on the complexity of the blend.

2. You will be sent 3 X 1 ml samples vials of perfume to choose from, after which we will finalise your customised blend. Please note we do not issue refunds or credit for the deposit paid or the rest of the transaction after formulation of your final product since fragrances are custom blended.

3. We will also send instructions on how you should test the samples to decide which you prefer.

4. Once we receive your preferred sample in writing (a form will be sent with your samples) and remainder of the payment , your perfume will be certified and registered as required by the EU Cosmetics Directive; which may take another 2 weeks and we will send you the quantities you ordered within 2-3 days of receiving the certification.

5. Hence allow up to 6 weeks from when we receive your completed questionnaire and deposit to when you will receive your final formulation.

Do's & Don't s for trying your perfume samples that we send:-

We strongly suggest that you test the perfume on your skin rather than on perfume testing strips although we do provide some strips which you can use to judge your initial reaction. Once you have sprayed the perfume onto the paper strips, wait until the fragrance is completely dry before smelling it, so all of the notes have time to develop. You can leave the perfume strips in your drawer of clothes or underwear and leave for some time to see how it smells on your clothes. We are sure you will be delighted!

Try perfume on skin as follows:-

1) Don't wear any perfume or scented body products on your skin or hair before trying the samples (unless you have ordered other products from us in the same scent in which case it is best to use all products together (e.g. shower gel, body cream and perfume) as this layers the fragrance to give a more intensified, longer lasting effect (we highly recommend this!).

2) Check that your clothes do not smell of detergent/washing powder

3) You may try the different perfumes up to three at a time but not on the same patch of skin (try to spread evenly)

4) Wear the perfume for the whole day or few hours so you can take time to appreciate it

5) Try the one that you prefer, again, by itself on different parts of skin (see 'how to wear perfume' tab at the top of this page)

6) Keep a perfume diary which we will send you - which top notes did you smell initially; middle notes after half an hour or so and base notes about 2 hours later

7) Note how long the perfume lasted on your skin

8) Top up your perfume once it begins to fade (do not wait until it is gone completely) so the so the scent is intensified.

9) Find out as much as possible about the ingredients we have added, what part of the world they come from, what they represent.

10) If you can't decide between 2 or all 3 of the samples we sent you; then repeat steps 5-8 with the other sample(s) provided.

11) Contact us for the final consultation (we are happy to do some fine tuning to the fragrance if you wish to suggest something

12) Once everything is finalised we will formulate the agreed volume in the agreed packaging as per the initial consultation.

Please note your sense of smell can become overwhelmed if you try to smell more than 3 perfumes at the same time. To clear your nose and brain receptors between testing fragrances, inhale deeply over some coffee beans, go outside for a few minutes for some fresh air or drink a cold glass of water. This should get rid of the fragrance notes you smelled previously, so your sense of smell can readjust before your next perfume test.

As with any new cosmetic product we suggest you do a patch test on a small a​rea of skin (e.g. inside of upper arm) and wait for 24 hours to ensure you have no reaction before you use more widely.

Happy scentings!!